Life’s lemons and Shits

Let’s see…so I have spent some $2000 dollars on my two cars over the last month and now I have a potentially new..serious..problem!!! So much for the tax return I try to live on for four months a know..the little tiny sum that makes me feel like things are ok…HELL NO!!!!..all gone for my FUCKING cars!!! I screamed to the heavens above for the lord to take me now..I could give 2 shits for my life…all I experience is pain..anguish..hate..bitterness and despair..I am fucking tired of it..I can’t do it anymore..more like it…I don’t want to do it anymore..I don’t care anymore..instead of lemons all I get is a steamy pile of shit to wade through…well…this man’s tired of wading!!!!!!!!

Life’s lemons and Shits

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