Feb 28, 2016 Night Post

It is amazing how my moods can change in a day. I woke up in a bad mood…that went to furious later when I picked up my car and found out it probably needed more work..to now  when I am feeling pretty content with things. I am definatley ultra cycling. It is playing havoc with my body and my mind..I’m not sure if I ever feel “normal”. Lately it seems to be a large contrast between feeling depressed etc,. to feeling like I am ok. I have found that sleeping is big for me..not necessarily night sleeping but napping when I feel totally overwhelmed..I have found that sleeping during these times calms me down and helps me feel relieved to a point. It can actually change the way I feel for the whole day.

Sometimes my naps are not a choice..there are times i am so tired that i have no choice..i must sleep. I don’t know if these are drug related..activity related or what..this is one of the reasons i am doing this blog…to look for a pattern in my daily activities so maybe i can map out when something is coming.

Right now I am trying to figure out if i am hypomanic or depressive..i would think depressive but i also have many symptoms of mania..two major ones being irritability and irrationality. The difference between moods is somewhat concerning.

My memory seems to be doing a little better lately..probably because I have not had too many stress events of any extreme amount..I usually have mental blocks when i get put into uncomfortable situations. I guess i will only find out how i am doing in those situations as they come.

Feb 28, 2016 Night Post

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