February 28, 2016

I woke up this morning at about 11:00. Being a Sunday..that is a  little  bit unusual for me..usually I wake up at about 12:15 and we miss the first part of church. I’m not sure if it was from walking so much when dealing with the car or if it was my sinus’s being clogged or if it was just a rough night..I have had some issues dealing with my Ambien the last few nights. About two weeks ago..i ran out of Ambien and had to wait two days to get some. The two nights without it sucked big time! I slept like total crap…when i slept..that is. Before I started Ambien I slept about 3-4 hours a night. I had severely rapid thoughts. I would lay there and think about 20 different things a minute in the middle of the night. I would finally get some sleep at the end of the night a couple hours before it was time to get up. You talk about a walking zombie! I started taking the Ambien about 4 months ago and noticed an immediate change..I actually fell asleep really quickly that very night and have slept great on it since until like I said..about 3 or 4 nights ago. We’ll see how it goes for the next few nights and give a  new update..I just hope it’s not because of the doses I missed!

It has been really warm lately. The beauty of the winter is the warmth during the day and the coolness at night. I love the spring and the fall..the fall is my favorite time because of the changing of the leaves and Halloween..of course. I am mister creeper after all..Fricken love Halloween!!! Frightmares is my favorite time at Lagoon! ..the haunted houses are pretty cool. Got a little nervous and claustrophobic last time we went in one. Had to stand in the middle of several people with strobe lights and fog going off. Got through it though and that’s all that mattered..

I did get up in an ok mood today despite my feeling like crap. Why? Because this time it wasn’t mental related..it was  just pain and aches just like everyone else wakes up to. Right now it is evening and i feel a little sick. I have a stomach ache and my prostate isn’t feeling all that great. A little flared up. It happens from time to time. A couple years ago it was bothering me so bad that i had to get a CT scan because my doctor saw blood in my urine. The test came back inconclusive. then I had to get a cystoscopy..that sucked the most turd in the world. that thing burned like no other. They had to insert a little tube into my littlier pee hole and up to my bladder. My poor guy must have known what was coming..he tried to run for cover..let’s just say..i don’t think the nurse was too impressed with my “size”. After words they made me pee and it burned like fire!!! Damn it hurt!!!

Getting back to things……

I am just kind of lethargic again tonight..Don’t really know what to do..Too tired to clean anything.. to exhausted to start a movie or talk to anybody..thus..here I am. I have promised myself that I will try to write about my condition every day. BTW- having some really strange dreams lately…..

February 28, 2016

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