March 1, 2016 4:49 p.m.

So it has been another one of those days i seem to have a lot of lately..basically..i wake up in a pretty good mood..take the kids to school..come home.. go on the computer for a while..go back to bed for about 4 hours..get up and get the kids from school…go get some cancer food from McDonalds..come home and eat it.

Then comes the kids start to fight about who’s doing which job..why someone isn’t working when they’s not fair..i don’t want to do that…then the fighting ensues…by this time i start to time goes volcano prepares to erupt..i’m too damn tired mentally to even confront it just goes on and on and about 6:30 tonight the wife will get home and  come into the chaos..she will wonder what even got done today..i will figure out something for dinner..probably buy a frozen food product i only have to microwave..because here again..i am too damn tired to cook anything real. Then we will eat..the kids will fight at the table..because they always do..i will get more stressed out and leave the table more tired than i was before..the wife will retire to the bedroom with her phone for the rest of the night.I will be bored as hell as i tried to find something away from the kids..probably getting back on the computer thinking there will actually be something new there to look at..rinse..wash..repeat……and i wonder why i am so lifeless all the time! What the hell do i have to look forward to everyday………

I’ll tell you what…..


March 1, 2016 4:49 p.m.

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