March 3, 2016 11:14 p.m.

Today started out pretty good. I slept well on my Ambien as usual. Got up and took the kids to school…as usual..oh..real quick…i almost forgot..Smedlee at the R&B..quit the other much for going there now..i will miss and Zach had a good time talking to him and even more fun watching him try to interact with could tell it was hard for him..but he persevered to the very end. Good on ya, Smed!

Got home from taking the kids to school and crashed..this time was a little different than usual. Usually i nap because i don’t have a i napped because i had no interest in doing anything else. I was in a major rut. It was all i could do to get back out of bed. I only got out because some guy from the city came by to tell me he had no idea why my electric bill was $200 dollars high in December..he said maybe it was because of Christmas lights..nice try bud..but i only hung a battery operated reef on my door because i was too tired and out of the spirit to do more…then he said space heater. Yah..we used on in our shed in freakin’ October..anyway the stupid dude left without giving me any break on the bill..just that it was very “unusual” to see a rate go up that high from average. Ya think DumbAss!!!’s high because you asses read my meter wrong!!!!

Then i went back to sleep until the next guy showed up..this one wanted to look at my doggie door..he was all hopped up about it until he came and looked at was rather interesting..he got out of his car..shook my hand…looked at the door for 20 back in his car and drove off..i was like..”Fuck you too…and Merry Christmas!

What did i do next…you guessed it…i went back to bed..woke up an hour later to get the kids from school..went and bought a box of donuts and a Mountain Dew from the store and came home and got on the internet..yes…to look for something new..did i find it..not really……


March 3, 2016 11:14 p.m.

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