Silver Earrings

Amazing Poetry! Good work notmydisabilities! You have a wonderful talent and thank you for sharing it with us:)

Beautifully Bipolar

Life slips away, like a leaf down the river

Beautiful at first, but it gets soaked and frail

I’m inside my bedroom

Where I’ve been my whole life

At least is my head

The thoughts of him dying

A man I didn’t know

I’m still okay

Doing alright

Nothing’s the matter with me

I just need to get out

Get some fresh air

Breathe in life as it comes

Until is passes away

Onto a journey to a happier

Place, one I can call mine

I’ll be okay

Try to be alright

Not my fake daddy, not my real daddy

Not my mother and her


Telling me news and whispering secrets

Only I could hear

Fresh from my mother’s mouth

Words I wish I understood

I’ll still at bay

Things will be fine

I wake up cold

Ask what time it i

Three days, and sleeping

Is not the…

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Silver Earrings

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