Love Addiction Hijinks

Hi all! It’s been a hell of a long time since i last posted and a lot of SHIT has happened. Today’s topic happens to be Love Addiction. Why? Well, i just got dumped by a girl half way around the world that was not my wife. L.A. is defined by the need to feel new love. It’s not sexual. It’s kind of a teenage crush thing. I have experienced it since before i was married 22 years ago. I have probably had at least 8 girls that i had communicated with over my marriage. The worst part of L.A. is that your morals don’t  matter. To your mind it really doesn’t matter that you are married with kids! It’s a solid crush! You want to be with that person to hold, kiss, etc,. The scariest part is, the feelings, feel completely REAL! It was ended a week ago when she tweeted me and said she wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship. Just like a crush, you feel rejected and it takes time to get over it. So here i am trying to get over a girl that dumped me, all the while my wife is telling me i cheated. Even now, after a week, i still don’t feel bad about it! The fantasy is still stuck in my head. I still think of contacting her.

I guess what i’m saying, is that, if my brain was “normal” and my morals were intact, i would have never done this. This or the other ones in my past history. At least my wife is understanding, as well as she can, anyway! She has a right to feel the way she does. We went and saw my shrink together today and went over it. I am going into an online addiction therapy.

Just another diagnosis to add to the pile! I think i have about 6 by now! Fun! Fun!

Love Addiction Hijinks

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